DOS CAROLINAS White Pique Short Sleeve Guayabera with Light Blue Embroidery

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The origins of the guayabera span the globe: Cuba, Spain, Mexico and the Philippines all claim the honor. The name “guayabera” derives from guayaba pickers on nineteenth-century Latin American plantations. The classic worker’s shirt had two pin-tucked borders, four pockets, and a roomy fit suitable for a day of work on the plantation. Today’s guayabera might have contrasting borders and embroidery, a collar you can button or not, and short sleeves or long, depending on season or occasion. The modern interpretation transcends occasion - they work or play with equal aplomb. And like the Aloha shirt, the guayabera has become an American classic.

Dos Carolinas creates one-of-a-kind handmade guayaberas that rival the best men's dress shirts in custom fit, drape, and feel - adding our signature tropical style and comfort.