In-Store Service

Here to Serve

Aside from an online experience, there truly is no match from coming into our store in person. At Satel's, expanding our relationship with you is truly our goal. While we strive to exceed expectations of you, we push great service and knowledge of our products. Can't make it in? Not a problem. Email or give us a call at 210-822-3376.


Our stylists are veterans in their craft. They're truly passionate about what they do and maintain true and meaningful relationships with our customers. From modern to traditional and all the in-between, they have you covered. Don't be surprised if you leave our store having been introduced to almost half of the staff on your first visit. Close by? Busy schedule? Don't stress it, we'll come to you. Home or office, we'll give you a personal consultation parallel to no other.  


Make it easier on yourself. We're here to serve you. Call or email your advisor for an appointments, and we will get you fixed up before you know it.


Whether you purchase in-store or online, we offer complimentary expert alterations on all regularly priced merchandise in-store or online. Down to the last detail of the stitching, we ensure each article is tailored masterfully just for you. Our in-store team of world-class tailors is ready to assure that you always bring home a perfect fit. Alteration fees apply only on sale items 40% off or more.


We're your fit! Purchase our product online or in-store, and we offer complimentary expert alterations on all regularly price merchandise. What can we do? We can do it all.  



Nothing beats a well wrapped gift, well maybe besides opening it. We will wrap the gift in a pristine manner. Our "No-Tape policy" has left customers coming to our store to purchase christmas items strictly for the aesthetic appeal. Crisp edges with a custom bow, you'll be set with a well thought out gift and lasting impression. 


Who knows your body better than you? Well with Made-to-Measure Clothing, we can get pretty close. In all of our stores we offer MTM as well as trunk show schedules where the representative from the listed distributor will fit you up themselves.




Leather goods need a good shine? Come in and have an amazing chat with Javier. His entertaining stories are only rivaled by his in-depth knowledge about leather and shoe products. You'll leave with a shine rivaled only to our hopeful smiles of your experience. 

Tip not included. 


Thirsty? We've got you covered whatever your taste is. Can't wake up? A bit to early to be shopping? Never! How do you take your coffee? From water to liquor, we're here to serve.


We understand you have a busy schedule and want to do all we can to lessen the demands on your time. This is why we provide local delivery if you live in a reasonable proximity to our stores. If you need it in a pinch, count on us to be there.


Dress For Success


Buttons loosening or tightening up? We can fix that for you. Bring in the product and we can let out, take in, and all of the in-betweens for you. Our job is to make you look perfect for whatever the occasion.